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Federal & State Standards

All Arkansas public school districts are required to meet numerous standards to be accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education, as well as by the other organizations that oversee non-academic areas, such as food service, athletics and transportation.

Standards for Accreditation


There are 18 major areas of standards for accreditation, each with numerous rules that measure compliance. The standards are:


I. Equal Educational Opportunities


II. Goals and Administration of Schools and Districts


III. Active Community Involvement


IV. Curriculum


V. Instruction



VI. Attendance and Enrollment



VII. Student Performance



VIII. School Performance


IX. Graduation Requirements


X. Personnel



XI. Support Services



XII. Special Education


XIII. Gifted and Talented Education


XIV. Supplementary Educational Opportunities


XV. Facilities and Equipment


XVI. Auxiliary Services


XVII. Cooperation Among School Districts


XVIII. Accreditation of Schools


Local Standards for Improving Student Achievement

Link to Local Standards page


Rules Governing Advanced Placement Programs to include:



Rules Governing Federal Title Programs


Guidance and Regulations for No Child Left Behind Act


Rules Governing Financial Accounting and Reporting


Operations, Maintenance, Transportation


The Division of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation Custodial and Maintenance Manual includes:



Food Service


USDA monitors:


National School Lunch Program


National School Breakfast Program


After School Snack Program


Legislative Audit: Audits our books on a yearly basis


Arkansas Department of Education: Audits and reviews yearly all of the above


School Nutrition Association: Provides credentialing and certification system for child nutrition professionals




This we site includes State of Arkansas Rules and Regs, as well as the School Bus Inspection Handbook




Rules for safety and playing of each sport and cheer are found:

Arkansas Activities Association (AAA)

National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS)




A number of statutes governing matters from parental involvement, school accountability, access to public school data, and many more!