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Homecoming Happenings

Jinny Lowe
Associate/Design Editor

Parade, bon fire, pep rally, and football-- all go hand-in-hand during fall homecoming.

The festivities actually began on September 27 when one member of each FHS club nominated all senior girls that they wanted for homecoming queen or court. Each representative then voted for 10 girls to be on the ballot for seniors to vote on.

October 1 marked the day seniors cast their vote for the homecoming court during English classes. The Homecoming Court will be announced today at the coronation ceremony/pep rally.

The Homecoming Parade precedes the game on Friday, October 15. About 15 floats and theme cars and trucks will be in the parade, according to Vance Arnold, student council sponsor.

One of the many clubs making a float is literary magazine, with the theme as prominent figures in history as robots in outer space. Before the construction of the float began, junior Kim Torres commented on it.

ďIím really excited to start,Ē Torres said. ďItís sort of intimidating because it is such a strange subject, but Iím still really excited.Ē

The Bulldog football team is playing Northside High School at 7:30 pm. The homecoming dance, Saturday, October 16, is from 9 pm to midnight in the auxiliary gym. Tickets costing between $5-10 will be sold in front of Dr. Tom Williamsís room, 2504, during lunch. Tickets will also be sold at the door of the dance.

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